Fowl Behavior Hosts In Massachusetts, unless indicated.
High Schools
Lowell Vo-Tech
Nashua North, NH
Westford Academy
Worcester North
Middle Schools
Brooks, Lincoln
Bromfield, Harvard 
Chapman, Weymouth
Parker Charter, Devens
Parthum, Lawrence
Samoset, Leominster
St. Stephen's, Worcester
Sullivan, Worcester
Alden, Duxbury
Fiske, Lexington
Hope Valley, RI
Hugh Cole, RI
Lura White, Shirley
Morey, Lowell
Rollinsford, NH
Shawsheen, Andover
St. Stephen's, Worcester
Washington, Lowell
Community, religious
UCC* Central Conference
Billerical UU* Church
Concord UU Church
Princeton UCC 
Templeton UU/UCC
Westford UU/UCC
Scout troops
UU Urban Ministry, Roxbury
*UCC-United Church of Christ
*UU-Unitarian Universalist


Welcome to Fowl Behavior

This interactive engaging K-12 anti-bullying program makes a difficult subject interesting through the story of a real chicken who got pecked on and became a brutal bully.  

Mooey, the live chicken, captures the attention of students ages 5 to 18, and promotes the importance of being connected, accepted and respected in your school community.

Meeting Mooey, the live chicken, and hearing her story as a victim, who becomes a bully, leaves a message of empathy that students of all ages relate to. 


Students from kindergarten to high school feel compassion for Mooey, and for Susan and her story about being a target in 7th-11th grades.


Mooey, the star of the show, opens hearts and minds in a way that only animals can, and raises awareness about empathy.

The highest compliments received by Fowl Behavior have come from students:


"Not the usual bullying lecture" and "The best (anti-)bullying program ever."


Elementary, middle and high school students gain insight on how they can be kinder, more tolerant and accepting of fellow students through empathy they feel towards Mooey and her journey from  victim to bully.


Empathy is an antidote to bullying. Empathy can be learned. Fowl Behavior partners with schools to send the message of every student being connected, accepted and respected to add harmony to your school community.